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How to use Digital Forms

Our Distance Education forms have been made as digital forms so you can fill and sign on your computer.

These forms can be printed if you prefer a hard copy. We can also post the forms to you but please keep in mind lengthy postal times.


How to use e-forms

It is important not to use a web browser to fill the e-form. USE ADOBE READER OR ACROBAT.

1. Access the PDF from the school website. Click the link.

2. The PDF will open in a new tab. Use the following instructions based on your web browser:

Now that you have the FILE LOCATION of the PDF (not on the internet or web browser), you can open it in Adobe (Acrobat or Reader).

If Adobe is your default app, simply double click the file.

Otherwise RIGHT click on your file and go to "Open with" > "Adobe Acrobat DC" or "Adobe Reader DC"

If Adobe is not displayed as an option, you can select "Choose another app" and select Adobe from the options there.

If Adobe is still not displayed as an option, you will need to download the free Adobe Reader app or fill and sign the form in another way.

Now that you have opened your e-form in Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

1) There are three options to access the Fill & Sign feature and complete your form:

OPTION 1: Click the Sign button on the top bar

OPTION 2: Click the Fill & Sign button on the right bar (or go to Tools > Fill & Sign )

OPTION 3: Start typing directly into the form fields. 

2) On the next screen, select "You".

There are two ways to sign the form: Adobe e-sign or Digital ID.

Adobe e-sign is an easier way to sign documents. Here's how to do it:

1) When you come across a sign field, do not click it. Instead use the "Sign" button on the top bar.

2) Click "Add Signature". If you already have a signature saved it will appear here. See below for how to insert it.

3) A box will open where you can type or draw your signature. Alternatively, if you already have a saved image of your signature you can add it from there.

4) Once you are happy with your signature, click "Apply"

5) The signature will automatically be locked to your curser. Click in the space where your signature is required.

To use this signature in another location, or to use a pre-saved signature, when you click the "Sign" button the signature will already be an option. Simply click it, then click again where you want to sign.

Once you have filled and signed the form, it is essential to SAVE! Otherwise the form will be empty.

1) Click "File" > "Save As"

Save your form in a location you will remember, then send it to the relevant distance education coordinator.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.