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Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal Studies develops students' knowledge and understanding about the historical and contemporary experiences of Aboriginal peoples and the concept of ‘shared histories' with a view to enabling students to be active and informed citizens in promoting a just society for all Australians.

The year 11 course focuses on pre-contact to 1960s history, examining how Aboriginal communities have been affected by the colonisation of Australia and they examine other Indigenous communities on a worldwide scale.

The year 12 course focuses on the 1960s onwards and examines issues such as Human Rights. Students analyse and discuss issues important to contemporary Australia and develop community consultation skills.

Aboriginal Education is address in History and Geography courses in years 7-10 and is offered as a Board Developed Course in years 11-12.

The Aboriginal Education year 12 course consists of the following topics:

Year 11 Course

  • Aboriginality and the Land
  • Heritage and Identity
  • International Indigenous Community
  • Local Community case study

Year 12 Course - Core Module

  • Social Justice and Human Rights Issues
  • Comparative Study Health and Criminal Justice
  • Heritage and Identity
  • Major Project