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Parent responsibilities during remote learning

Provide support for your children by:

  • establishing routines and expectations
  • setting aside a space for your child to work in
  • monitoring communications from your child’s teachers
  • beginning and ending each day by asking about your child’s learning
  • taking an active role in helping your children with their learning
  • encouraging physical activity and/or exercise
  • remembering that your child might be stressed or worried during this time
  • monitoring how much time your child is spending online • keeping your children social, but setting rules around their social media interactions.

Common barriers to study

  1. Distractions - mobile devices and internet access are the biggest distractions to study. Make the study area a mobile, TV, gaming and internet free zone (unless during that session they are doing research which requires internet access). Consider downloading a social media lockout app or switching on aeroplane mode during study time to prevent interruptions. Also, make sure friends and other family members know not to disturb study time.
  2. Procrastination - students often try to avoid subjects they find difficult, irrelevant or bore them. To help your child, first find out why they are procrastinating. Some tips to deal with procrastination include
    1. ensure they have a set study area with all equipment needed but no mobile devices
    2. break the task down into smaller chunks such as identifying the headings for a summary first through a brainstorm; listing the headings then summarising information for one heading at a time
    3. make a to-do list of tasks they can check off as they finish
    4. monitor their progress and reward each step.
  3. Disorganisation - have a set place for study with all the equipment they'll need and encourage using calendars, to-do lists and a study timetable.