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This information will continue to be updated

The Department Digital Learning Selector allows you to browse apps, platforms and sites to learn more about them, identify the best app for you, and discover training or operation guides.

For many teachers, working from home will be new. Many organisations have moved to remote and flexible working for their employees. It is important to remember that you are part of a school team and many of your responsibilities as a staff member and teacher will not change. They will just look different. The following guidelines have been put together to assist you with important considerations when working from home.

Flexibility will be key to teaching effectively from home or a remote location. We recognise that many teachers and support staff will be balancing caring for their own children. It is important that you negotiate with your principal and find ways to strike a balance between working and caring for your children so that you can meet your responsibilities as a teacher.


All employees of the Department, including teachers, unless they are on approved leave during the COVID-19 outbreak, are to undertake their normal duties either:

  • at their usual school/workplace; or
  • at an alternate school location if attendance at the normal location is impacted due to public transport closures; or
  • utilising flexible working arrangements at home.

We are providing school leaders with the required flexibility to provision their teaching and non-teaching workforce for on and off campus delivery, marking of student work and provision of feedback and preparation for lessons. We were able to adopt a flexible workplace roster for staff whilet ensuring the continuity of school operations.

Employees at additional risk of infection as advised by NSW Health will be supported to work from home. Employees in the categories above should discuss this with their Principal or Director Educational Leadership in order to transition to these arrangements as soon as practical.