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Signing In

How to correctly login to your online platforms

Many of us share computers with our family and therefore there are multiple accounts logged in to the browser.

Signing in for the first time

If there are no accounts logged in, your Google homepage will look like this:

To login:

  1. Click the blue "Sign In" button
  2. Enter your email (
  3. You will be redirected to the Department login page
  4. Enter your credentials and click "Log in"
  5. You'll find yourself back on Google signed in to your @education account

Google Login Page

Department Login Page

If you have previously signed in...

You can select the account you would like to use.

Your Google homepage will not show a "Sign In" option but will instead look like the image LEFT<
It may have an image or another letter in the circle.

  1. Click on the circle in the corner and you will see a list of accounts that are logged in.
  2. Click on the @education account
  3. From here you can access Canvas or G Suite from the correct account
  4. If your @education email isn't listed. Click "Add another account" and follow the instructions above