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Zoom is a web meeting tool that enables teachers to easily facilitate a virtual classroom. Zoom is user-friendly with an intuitive interface that can be accessed from any device. Zoom features include:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Chat
  • Screen sharing

 Quick Start Checklist

  • Be ready 5 minutes before your class
  • Check Zoom for software updates well before your class starts
  • Mute your mic unless talking
  • Sit at a table (not your bed)
  • Dress appropriately (no pyjamas)

Things you will need

  • Learning materials
  • Pen and paper or your digital note-taking page open
  • Headphones - even though sound quality might be fine for you, others may hear more background noise, computer noises or echos. Often others talking will be cut off if you have background noise.

How to access Zoom

Zoom Start Guide (PDF)

Web Browser

1. Use a modern browser like Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari

2. Go to the NSW Doe Zoom homepage at

3. Click sign in and enter your credentials

4. For first time users, download and install the desktop client when prompted

Mobile App

1. Download the Zoom app on your App store - Apple or Android

2. Open, click sign in, then tap SSO

3. Type nsweducation then continue

4. the DoE login screen will appear. Enter your credentials

If you are unable to download the Zoom client on your device, you are able to access meetings from your web browser like Chrome or Edge. Contact your teacher if this applies to you.

How to join a meeting

Meetings have a unique number called a 'Meeting ID' that is required to join a Zoom meeting. Your teacher will supply the Meeting ID or direct link before your lesson. Make sure you have logged in and completed any upgrades before your lesson time.

Zoom has a handy guide for joining meetings and a list of help pages on their support page.

TEACHERS: We have a Zoom guide for teachers and recommended settings for teachers on our website.

During a Zoom Meeting

Menu Bar Controls

The menu bar pictured below will show up at the bottom of the Zoom window. You may need to move your mouse slightly to make it appear.

The arrow gives more options for the controls.

- Mute your audio
- Change audio input (microphone)
- Change audio output (speaker)

- Disable video
- Choose camera
- Choose virtual background (identifies your face and hides background)
- Video settings... here you can turn names on/off, hide non-videos, display up to 49 participants in Gallery View

- Enable waiting room
- Settings for participants

- View all participants

- Type and see messages from the group

- Share your screen by view or application

- Send participants into smaller groups. Participants can return to main meeting and the host can access these rooms

Online Lesson Expectations