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Zoom Staff Guide

The following guides are links to the Zoom Support pages. View a list of Zoom Meeting guides here or view a list of video tutorials here. The best way to become an expert is to practice so do some tests before you run your lesson!


Host a video meeting

Controls as host or watch video below

Share screen or watch video below

Viewing up to 49 participants in one screen

Spotlight speaker video for all participants

Pin one speaker for your view


Allowing students to share screens or watch video below

Schedule a recurring meeting
Meetings that recur at the same time can be scheduled with the same Meeting ID and members.

Meeting Templates
You can create a template with the same students or co-hosts to make creating meeting easy.

Join from Browser
If a student is unable to download the Zoom desktop client or App on their device, they can still access the meeting in a browser like Chrome or Firefox.

How to adjust meeting controls

How to share your screen

How to allow students to screen share

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