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Zoom Staff Settings

There are some settings that have already been locked by the administrator for child protection, however the following settings are optional and highly recommended.

They can be modified and reset at any time.

Modifying Zoom Settings

1. Sign in at

2. Click 'Settings' in the main menu on the left side of the screen.

Recommended Settings

Only authenticated users can join meetings (ON)
to ensure non-students can't access the meeting and students can be identified

Nonverbal feedback (ON)
gives viewers the option to respond to presenter without interrupting the flow of conversation. E.g. "Does everybody understand?" - students respond with thumbs up to gain feedback without turning on microphone.

Mute participants upon entry (ON)
Automatically mutes students when they enter the meeting to avoid interruption.

Allow removed participants to rejoin (ON)
Students who have been removed for any reason, such as behavioural or technical issues, can rejoin the meeting.

Waiting room (ON)
A place to set up with message and custom landing page before meeting starts and host is ready. Simply click "admit" to allow them into the meeting.

File transfer (OFF)
It is best to upload files to Canvas, Google Drive or OneDrive and send link in chat to avoid clogging up chat.

Local Recording (OFF) and Cloud Recording (OFF)
Department policy mandates meetings can not be recorded with students. Turn these settings ON to record staff meetings if required.


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