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Home Classroom

Setting up your home classroom for teaching and learning

Setting up a dedicated work or study area is important.

The images below show examples of a workstation set up both correctly and incorrectly. Try to identify areas of improvement that you could implement in your own home classroom.

Home classroom

  • Quiet
  • Free of distractions
  • Everything you frequently need within reach


  • Flat desk
  • Ergonomic chair with back support


  • Ensure all electrical equipment is in suitable working condition
  • Check cords for damage
  • Do not overload powerboards
  • Reduce trip hazards, including rugs, cords and clutter
  • Avoid open beverages near electrical equipment, instead use a bottle or travel mug


  • There should be sufficient lighting on keyboard and writing area
  • Reduce glare by positioning screen away from windows


  • Consider purchasing a mouse instead of using laptop trackpad
  • Consider purchasing a keyboard to increase adjustability of workspace
  • Use headphones to talk on phone
  • Consider the need for a printer - most learning should be online
  • Raise laptops or tablets on books or a sturdy box so that the screen is at eye level


  • Ensure you have clear access to an exit in case of an emergency
  • Maintain smoke detectors
  • Have a suitable first aid kit available
  • List emergency phone numbers in an accesible location