Camden Haven High School

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Work Health and Safety

The NSW Department of Education (DoE) believes the provision of a safe working and learning environment for all is integral and essential to providing public education and other community services. The Department is committed to:

  • providing everyone in its workplaces with a safe and healthy working and learning environment
  • promoting dignity and respect and taking action to prevent and respond to bullying
  • adopting a preventative and strategic approach to health and safety and monitoring performance
  • supporting and promoting health and wellbeing
  • providing return to work programs to facilitate safe and durable return to work for employees for both work related and non-work related health conditions
  • meaningful consultation with employees, their representatives and others on WHS issues
  • providing appropriate information, training and instruction to facilitate safe and productive working and learning environments
  • providing an effective and accessible safety management system for all employees and others to guide safe working and learning in all workplaces
  • the reporting of incidents so that action can be taken to manage the incident, prevent further incidents, and provide support where required
  • Providing a program of continuous improvement