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How we communicate with students and families

The school website is a compendium of all information. We post news, events, newsletters, essential guides and all other content that is linked from other platforms. All information sent out in the below methods will be linked to pages on our website.

Critical information is communciated to parents/carers, students and staff through SMS messages. These are short notices that often link to a page on the website with further information. To avoid information overload, we only use this service for essential information like operational advice, attendance alerts and emergencies. Ensure your mobile number is up to date in our database. 

Newsletters are produced every fortnight and published on our Website and Facebook Page. We compile the latest news, announcements, upcoming events and important notices into one easy to read newsletter with links to website pages for more information.

Our presence on social media is limited to one offical Facebook page. We use this platform to share notices that are communicated on our website or non-critical information. It is a great platform to share news stories so that our followers can share them with the local community. We often link critical updates on our Facebook, as well as other platforms, to ensure everyone gets the message.

Although we respond to questions on Facebook during school hours, it is best to phone the school for answers. In addition, if you are waiting for updates on important issues - rest assured we will communicate changes to all families at the same time when the announcements are ready and you will not miss out.

We occasionally send invitations or notes home either with students or via the post for special events or excursions that require permission notes to be returned.