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Single course enrolment

Camden Haven High School extends a warm welcome to all Single Course Students and their Supervisors.
Students in Years 9-12 who cannot access a subject at their own school and where a local solution is not available, may be able to enrol in distance educaton.
Students must meet eligibility criteria for the subject to be studied. School enrolments are generally on a quota basis.

Language enquiries
Michelle Berryman
Phone: (02) 6556 8252

All other subject enquiries
Erika Turner
Phone: (02) 6556 8125

Erika may be contacted between Monday and Thursday (not available on Friday).


New Single Course Application Process for 2024

To access the 2024 application form and instructions for our new online process, please visit the following site.

Application form and instructions.


2024 Application Closing Dates


2024 applications must be received by 10 November 2023 and finalised before 14 February 2024.

Applications after this date can only be considered if endorsed by the Director, Educational Leadership for the requesting school or in the case of non-government schools the Director, Rural and Pathways.


Single Course Curriculum 2024


View the courses we offer in our 2024 Curriculum handbook.

We also offer a range of Stage 6 courses in a compressed curriculum mode. Please contact our school for all compressed curriculum enquiries.

Dance Students

Dance students must continue or start attending regular classes at their local dance school to support their learning.

Language Students

In addition to the enrolment form, language students must complete the following declarations for NESA. For more information about studying languages in years 11 and 12, visit  NESA eligibility for Stage 6 languages courses.

The Languages Eligibility form is attached to the enrolment form, or can be accessed here:

Beginners Eligibility Determination form

Continuers Eligibility Determination form 

Stage 5 Language
Students enrolling in a Year 9 or Year 10 Language course are required to complete the Stage 5 Language Information to ensure the best possible placement and pathway option.