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Industrial Arts

Industrial Arts encompasses a broad range of subjects that enable students to learn and apply practical skills. From the traditional subjects of Woodwork and Metalwork through to Electronics and Design and Technology, Industrial Arts encourages students to develop the independent working and thinking skills required in our ever changing world. 

Our workshops are well equipped and maintained. Our staff are trained, dedicated and enthusiastic about embracing new and emerging technologies. As a faculty we have regular discussions around how we can incorporate more emerging technologies into our programs such as 3D printing, CAD drawing, laser cutting and engraving. Students from year 7 to year 12 are actively involved in learning industry standard software packages in CAD, graphic design, animation and electronics.

We cater for students wishing to follow a career path through an apprenticeship into trade areas, as well as students wishing to go on to university to study in a range of engineering fields, product design, graphics design, electronics and architecture. 

In Stage 4, (years 7 and 8), all students study Mandatory Technology, which teaches them the design process and exposes them to a broad range of practical experiences in Electronics, Woodwork, Metalwork, Graphics and Computer Coding.  

In Years 9-10, students choose from the following range of subjects:

  • Industrial Technology Timber (200 hours)
  • Industrial Technology Metal (200 hours
  • Industrial Technology Electronics (200 hours)
  • Graphics Technology (100 hours)
  • Design and Technology (100 hours)

In Years 11-12, students choose from the following range of subjects:

  • Industrial Technology Timber Products  and Furniture Technologies
  • Industrial Technology Electronics
  • Design and Technology
  • Engineering Studies
  • VET Construction
  • VET Metal and Engineering