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Camden Haven High School Agriculture faculty offers a range of courses and extracurricular activities to assist students focus on their future careers in the Agriculture Industry. Both the horticultural and livestock streams of the Agriculture Industry are catered for by staff and facilities.

Highly experienced, trained staff provide students with engaging learning experiences that use a variety of practical and theoretical delivery methods. As staff model the core values of Camden Haven High School in their interactions with every student, there is a high expectation that all students will reciprocate with respect, responsibility and by doing their best; values that underpin the school’s culture.

In years 7-8 Agriculture is one aspect of Mandatory Technology.

In years 9-10, students can select from the following courses:

  • Agriculture
  • Paddock to Plate

In years 11-12, students can select from the following courses:

  • Agriculture
  • Primary Industries

Outdoor practical learning is an important component of the Agricultural Curriculums. There are opportunities within these courses for students to participate in; 

  • Propagation, planting, growing and harvesting of seasonal crops eg: garden plots
  • Animal husbandry and care of poultry, sheep and cattle
  • Training in the use and maintenance of farm equipment eg: tractor
  • Excursions to local producers, shows and field days
  • Network opportunities with local like-minded schools and students

 The Agriculture farm (Ag Plot) in 2018 has been undergoing a refurbishment that has seen a stage by stage upgrade of the facilities. The first stage was the completion of new cattle holding and round yards with a new crush, header and ramp being installed. Next to this area was created two runs for housing sheep or other livestock in the future. The horticultural and poultry sections are also being updated.

The Agriculture staff have embedded new technologies into the delivery of their courses. Drones, simulators, ultra sound scanners are a few examples of the new equipment purchased to keep students abreast of the changing nature of the Agriculture Industry. Agriculture staff has also been involved in the STEM program offered at Camden Haven High School.  A unit called ‘Beef it Up’ is offered as part of this program.


The Agriculture faculty encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities including show teams, and horticulture and livestock competitions. An engagement program offers students’ support in their skill development in communication, problem solving, and teamwork.