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Year 11

This year, students start preparing for Year 12, so it's important your child settles into a good routine that balances study commitments and life outside of school.

Preparing for Year 12

The subjects studied in Year 11 are preliminary subjects for Year 12 study and exams in Year 12.

Minimum Standards

There is a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy in order to receive the Higher School Certificate (HSC) from 2020. The tests will be available to take at school and you will receive more information when the times comes. Sample questions and answers are available online, as well as practice tests and advice from students. You do not need to sit the reading, writing or numeracy online tests if you achieved Band 8 or above in the respective Year 9 NAPLAN tests.

Some student with disabilities will be eligible for extra provisions for the online tests, or an exemption. Students sitting the HSC in 2019 do not need to take these tests or meet these minimum standards.

See the factsheet for more information, or contact Mrs Rudder.

How do I sit the Minimum Standard Online Test?

  1. Contact Mrs Rudder (F block Staffroom)
  2. Find out which of the 3 tests you need to sit
  3. Arrange a time to practice your tests with Mrs Rudder. Reading and numeracy take 15 minutes and writing takes 45 minutes.
  4. When you feel ready, you can sit the real tests. Arrange a date with Mrs Rudder so you recieve your PIN and can be supervised during the test.
  5. Each test takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Distance Education Students Minimum Standards Online Tests

Distance Education students can complete tests at Learning Hubs or at Camden Haven High School. For more information, see our Distance Education page.


Year 11 can be a challenging time for students. Your child's year adviser and other staff are available to give support or students can make an appointment to see the school counsellor.

Careers advice

Our school careers adviser can help students make educational choices, define a career direction and prepare for future study and training.

The careers advisory services website also offers help in clarifying course choices, employment opportunities, career pathways or training options. See career development for students (also in community languages).

Year 11 Advisor 2019

Rebeca Bovey-Mendez


Phone: 6556 8177