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Social Science

Social Science facilitates a number of engaging experiences for students. Lessons are designed to be interesting, informative and enjoyable. Often teachers present lessons on current local, national and international issues such as refugees and asylum seekers, internet scams and job seeking hints and tips.

The diversity of learning experiences for Social Science students is expanded through the number of excursions it offers each year. Excursions are organised to investigate the physical environment, case studies require field trips to the beach, and job investigations require attendance at career expos and industry visits.

Students study mandatory Geography in years 7-8 and can choose from a variety of subjects for electives in years 9-10. These can include:

  • Commerce
  • Work Studies
  • E-Commerce
  • Leadership
  • AFL Promotions

In years 11-12 students can choose subjects such asĀ 

  • Geography
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Retail Services
  • Business Services
  • Work Studies
  • Legal Studies