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Illness and misadventure

If a student is absent for an assessment task or is unable to submit the task due to illness, accident or misadventure, they  complete the form below and attach the relevant documentation to be sumitted to the Head Teacher of the faculty.

HSC Illness and Misadventure Form

Preliminary Illness and Misadventure Form

Years 7-10 Illness and Misadventure Form


If a students knows they will be absent from school or unable to complete a task on time, they can apply for an extension. They complete the form below, attach relevant documentation and submit to the Head Teacher prior to the date of the task.

HSC Renegotiation Form

Preliminary Renegotiation Form

Years 7-10 Regnegotiation Form


If a students is geniunely unhappy with their assessment task result, they should approach their class teacher, explain their reasons and negotiate a solution. The following forms can be completed and submitted to the Head Teacher of the faculty.

HSC Student Appeal form

Preliminary Student Appeal form

Year 7-10 Student Appeal form