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Our school uniform is developed for student equitability, comfort and safety. The uniform is a representation of our school standards and it is important that students abide by the uniform rules set by the school.

✔️ Choice of shirt, blouse or polo

(Years 7-10 Sky Blue; Years 11-12 White)

✔️ Old uniforms passed down can be worn as long as they have the school emblem

✔️ A white or light coloured singlet or t-shirt can be worn underneath

✔️ Junior students can wear a blue long sleeved t-shirt underneath their uniform

✔️ Senior students can wear a white long sleeved t-shirt underneath their uniform

❌ Shirts without school emblem are not permitted

❌ T-shirts with visible prints and patterns underneath shirts are not permitted

✔️ Skirt lengths must be appropriate for school. Same as in the workforce

❌ Skirts must have pleats and can not be sewn together

❌ Shorts without the school name embroidered are not permitted

✔️ Students must wear pants and jumpers from the uniform shop

✔️ NSW CHS navy blue jumpers are permitted

❌ Jumpers with large or colourful prints are not permitted

Senior Jackets

✔️ In Year 10, students are offered the choice to buy a commemorate senior jacket. These are organised through their year advisor and not purchased at the uniform shop

✔️ Students can wear senior jackets from previous years that may have been passed down

❌ Senior jackets from other schools are not permitted

✔️ Students change into sports uniform for practical PDHPE lessons or integrated sport

✔️ Plain scarves in school colours are permitted

❌ Patterned or colourful scarves are not permitted

✔️ Jewellery must be kept to a minimum for safety reasons

✔️ Simple necklaces can be tucked into shirts. They can not be worn during practical lessons such as metal, wood or science

❌ Choker necklaces are not permitted

✔️ Earrings can be up to 20mm in diameter or drop

✔️ Additional ear peircings other than standard lobe must be plain metal or clear

✔️ Facial peircings must be clear. Plain nose studs permitted

✔️ Students can wear plain navy, black or nude stockings

❌ Patterned stockings not permitted

✔️ All socks must be white and below the knee

❌ Black or coloured socks are not permitted

❌ White socks with large logos or images are not permitted

Shoes must be

✔️ All black
✔️ Leather-like (includes suede and vinyl)
✔️ Enclosed

Shoes can not be

❌ Non-leather (includes canvas)
❌ Open top
❌ Non-black or black with white stripes or soles

We understand circumstances mean the full school uniform may not be available. Follow this process to ensure you are following our uniform rules:

  1. Bring a signed note from home detailing the incorrect uniform items, the reason, and the length of time required out of uniform
  2. Give note to Head Teacher inspecting uniforms or Deputy Principal

If students do not have a valid reason or note for being out of uniform, they will attend a uniform detention.

Repeated offences or non-compliance will be raised in relevant disciplinary procedures.

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