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Year 12


Year 12 Students must be studying at least 2 units of English (Advanced, Standard or Studies).

All other subjects are continued from Year 11. There is the possibility to change some subjects or to drop to 10 units of study. This decision will need to be made in consultation with your Year Advisor, Stage 6 Deputy Principal and Head Teacher of Administration.

Homework & Study

Homework & study is vital for success in Year 12. The amount of required time will be dependant of your student’s pattern of study (ATAR or Non ATAR). 

It is not unusual for teachers to set regular homework, with the expectation that will also be revising classroom content. In the lead up to examinations, it is not unreasonable for students to be doing additional study.

Examinations and Assessments

All subjects have assessment tasks. These are a course requirement and must be completed by their due date. Most subjects have 4 to 5 tasks, which means most students will have an assessment task for each subject due each term.

Details about CHHS assessment task policies and procedures can be found in the Year 12 Assessment Guide. All students have been given a copy of this and an additional copy can be made available on request.  An assessment task timeline is produced at the start of each term and distributed to students through the schools learning edge program. Most subjects will have a Year 12 Trial examination, these are held in weeks 3 and 4 of term 3.


While there are no annual excursion set for Year 12 it is not uncommon for there to be subject specific excursions. There are usually excursions to University open days but the University which we visit changes due to what is available to the school and student interest.  
The day before graduation Year 12 have a Skirmish excursion. 

Year 12 support

A range of online resources is available to help students and parents understand Year 12 and prepare for assessment and examinations.

Year 12 students can set up their personal profile on NSW students online and access support materials including the final exam timetable and answers to frequently asked questions about Year 12.

Students can prepare for the final examinations by looking at past HSC exam papers.

Learning Edge

The Learning Edge program offers senior students extra mentoring to develop skills and supports learning. This includes time management, essay writing, exam techniques, stress management, study skills and more. Year 11 students attend group workshops and Year 12 students are mentored individually.

Minimum Standards

For information about HSC Minimum Standards please see the relevant page.

After Year 12

It's a good idea for your child to start thinking about careers that suit their interests and abilities as early as possible. You may like to talk with the careers adviser and research options together.

Resources, such as the following sites are readily available:


Careers Advisory Service

Future study and training options

For students considering continuing with study, visiting the following links can help them make an informed decision:

Going to careers markets and open days are also good ways to find out what's on offer.

Job searching

These websites list job vacancies and apprenticeship and traineeships opportunities:

Careers advisors can provide assistance to students with matters of their school subject selections, career planning, tertiary preparation and applications for employment. Students are able to see the careers advisors during recess and lunch, at minischools and during lesson times with an appointment. Parents and carers can also make appointments to meet on behalf of their child.
The Workplace Learning Policy means work experience, special work placement, transition work placement and tax file numbers are orginised by the careers advisor.

Year 12 Adviser 2023

Deb Geronimi


Phone: 6556 8100