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Students record their attendance electronically when they sign on using their student ID card at the sign-in window. Teachers also mark attendance for each class. 

If you forget your swipe card, the office staff can manually mark your attendance at the sign-in window. Here you can ask for a new card if you need one, or collect your replacement card.

If students do not sign in, a text message will automatically be sent to their parent/s. Students who are away for a full day need a note to explain their absence. Parents may do this through the Skoolbag App, text message, phone call, or hard copy note.

Late arrival

Students can sign-in at the front office, where they will be issued a ticket they can show their teacher.

Early leave

Students wishing to leave early will need a permission note given to Mr Stewart for a leave pass. Upon leaving, students will need to sign out at the front office.

Sick at school

If a students falls ill at school, they are to report to their teacher if in class, and head to the front office where they can be put into sick bay and consulted by a First Aid Officer. If the student needs to go home, the office will contact parents.


If a student is away from school, a parent will need to provide a note to explain the absence within 7 days. This can be in the form of a hard copy letter, SMS, or via SkoolBag.