Camden Haven High School

Aim for the Highest

Telephone02 6556 8100

Full time enrolment

For enrolment forms for full-time students, please ring the Distance Education Centre office on 
6556 8200 between 9:00am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Our enrolment forms are available to download below for non-case managed enrolments.

The following categories are for full-time distance education students:

2.2 Geographic isolation

(Statutory declaration required)

2.3 Students travelling within Australia

(Traveller's itinerary and statutory declaration required)

2.4 Students temporary resident or travelling overseas

(Traveller's itinerary and Statutory declaration required)

2.5 Students with a medical condition

(Specialist medical certificate to accompany application)

2.6 Pregnant students/Young Parents

(Copy of birth Certificate or confirmation letter of pregnancy from general practitioner required)

2.7 Vocationally talented students

(Dancers enquiries need to be redirected to Sydney Distance Education Centre. Phone: 02 92076300)


Supervisors play a vital role in supporting students in their learning. Please download the following handbook as a guide to Supervisors and their students.

Supervisor and Student Handbook

Senior Subject Selection

Students can access the 2021 Assessment Information on the DEMS / Millennium portals.
Please use the information provided to aid your selection of courses for senior school. We always welcome phone calls to discuss your options or organise a session with the careers advisor.

How do I sit the Minimum Standard Online tests?

Distance Education Learning Hubs

Learning hubs are safe learning spaces, staffed by Camden Haven High School teachers, targeted towards full time distance education students. Each learning hub typically opens once per week in a public location, such as a library or TAFE. The purpose of a learning hub is to provide full time distance education students with physical access to qualified teachers, as well as resources such as time, space and technology. Teachers attending each learning hub will also be able to mediate contact with a student’s subject teachers to clarify course requirements and support positive relationships for staff and students. Our learning hubs are intended to cater for a diverse range of student needs including some medical, emotional and cognitive disabilities. They are all staffed by qualified teachers with extensive experience in special education. However, they are not suitable for every student. Suitable students will be offered a placement at a Learning Hub close to them. Due to the fluctuating numbers of students in each area, the staffing and locations of learning hubs are subject to change. For up-to-date information, please contact Camden Haven High School on: (02) 6556 8201. 

Remember you can also contact your DE Coordinator who can give you information about the nearest support centre to you.

Please Note: While we make every effort to provide quality face-to-face contact with all distance education students, the Learning Hub environment is not suitable for all students. Where our Learning Hubs are not a suitable option, students and supervisors will be advised of one or more alternative supports as available in their area. 

DE Coordinators

Mr Kent Leach
Phone: 6556 8404

North West:
Ms Michelle de Visser
Phone: 6556 8403

Hunter East:
Ms Di Edge
Phone: 6556 8217

Hunter West:
Ms Lisa Sayers
Phone: 6556 8411

Year 11:
Mr James Rourke
Phone: 6556 8126

Year 12/Pathways:
Mr Dave Gray
Phone: 6556 8276