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During these unprecedented times, it is essential to maintain a routine and normalcy in young people's lives.

The Department of Education has a comprehensive guide for Learning from Home.

Teachers will contact students via their school email. There may be additional communication using learning management systems such as Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. It is important for you and your child to remember that teachers will be communicating with dozens to more than 100 other families and that your communications should be meaningful and short. You may also need to remind your child to be patient when waiting for support or feedback.

How to contact your teachers

Depending on the delivery of your learning, your teachers might have contacted you already with a preferred communication channel. Some teachers will be working from home. It is best to email your teachers for urgent matters.

Setting up a learning environment

Try to create a quiet and comfortable learning space. Your child may have a regular place for doing homework under normal circumstances, but this space may not be suitable for working in for an extended period of time.

A space/location for extended learning should be a public/family space, not in a bedroom. It should be a place that can be quiet at times and have a strong wireless internet signal, if possible. Above all, it should be a space where you or another adult is present and monitoring your children's learning.


Being confined to home for an extended period of time can cause stress and conflict. Tips for looking after your children during isolation include:

  • Talking to your whole family about what is happening. Understanding the situation will reduce their anxiety.
  • Help your children to think about how they have coped with difficult situations in the past and reassure them that they will cope with this situation too. Remind them that the isolation won't last for long.
  • Exercise regularly. Options could include exercise DVDs, dancing, floor exercises, yoga, walking around the backyard or using home exercise equipment, such as a stationary bicycle, if you have it. Exercise is a proven treatment for stress and depression.
  • Encourage your children to keep in touch with family members and friends via telephone, email or social media (where appropriate).
  • The Health and Wellbeing page has some great ideas for activities to do at home.

Parent responsibilities during remote learning

Provide support for your children by:

  • establishing routines and expectations
  • defining a space for your child to work in
  • monitoring communications from teachers
  • beginning and ending each day with a check-in
  • taking an active role in helping your children process their learning
  • encouraging physical activity and/or exercise
  • checking in with your child regularly to help them manage stress
  • monitoring how much time your child is spending online
  • keeping your children social, but set rules around their social media interactions.

Student responsibilities during remote learning

These responsibilities should be adjusted according to the age of your child:

  • establishing and/or following a daily routine for learning
  • identifying a safe, comfortable, quiet space in their home where they can work effectively and successfully
  • regularly monitoring digital platforms and communication (O365, G-Suite for Education, Seesaw, Canvas, email, etc.) to check for announcements and feedback from teachers
  • completing tasks with integrity and academic honesty, doing their best work
  • doing their best to meet timelines, commitments, and due dates
  • communicating proactively with their teachers if they cannot meet deadlines or require additional support
  • collaborating and supporting their classmates in their learning
  • complying with the departments' Student use of digital devices and online services policy'
  • seeking out and communicating with school staff as different needs arise.