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Minimum Standards

Minimum Standards

There is a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy in order to receive the Higher School Certificate (HSC) from 2020. The following information is available on a printable document.

The tests will be available to take at school and you will receive more information when the times comes. Sample questions and answers are available online, as well as practice tests and advice from students. 

The HSC minimum standard is set at Level 3 of the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF)​. ACSF is a nationally agreed set of standards, endorsed by federal and state education ministers​.

Some student with disabilities will be eligible for extra provisions for the online tests, or an exemption. 

See the factsheet for more information, or contact Mrs Rudder.

How do I sit the Minimum Standard Online Test?

  1. Contact Mrs Rudder (F block Staffroom)
  2. Find out which of the 3 tests you need to sit
  3. Arrange a time to practice your tests with Mrs Rudder. Reading and numeracy take 15 minutes and writing takes 45 minutes.
  4. When you feel ready, you can sit the real tests. Arrange a date with Mrs Rudder so you recieve your PIN and can be supervised during the test.
  5. Each test takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Information Booklets

Minimum Standards Parent Information

Minimum Standards Student Information

HSC 2021 and Beyond

Students will meet the minimum standard by sitting the HSC minimum standard online tests in Reading, Writing and Numeracy and attaining a level 3.

Distance Education Students

How do I sit the Minimum Standards if I study through distance education?

Distance Education students can sit the Minimum Standards in three different ways:

  1. Visit Camden Haven High School to take the test
  2. Take the test at a Learning Hub
  3. Tests can be done at home under supervision. The supervisor will install a Lockdown Browser and complete a Statutory Declaration to confirm the conditions have been met

Contact Mrs Rudder for any questions or to arrange Distance Education Minimum Standards tests or practices.