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2022 World Cup Soccer - Vatican City Defeat Denmark

2022 World Cup Soccer Final

This year saw the running of the World Cup Soccer at Camden Haven High school. Eight teams from all age groups participated. We had teams from Nigeria, Jamaica, Brazil, Niger, China, Denmark, Vatican City and South Africa. These games were played at lunch time and were refereed by the Futsal Class. Making the semi-finals were Denmark, Niger, Brazil and Vatican City. Only one goal separated these finalists with Denmark and Vatican City meeting up in the grand final. Both Vatican City, composed of Year 11 and Year 12 students and Denmark, composed of Teachers, played a competitive and hard fought game. An early goal from the students saw increased pressure exerted from the teachers resulting in a late equalizer. With both teams even at the end of regulation time a penalty shootout was called. In front of a huge crowd, five players from each team came forward. After five tense shots from each side the score remained locked at 2-2. It took three additional penalty kicks to decide the winner for 2022- Vatican City! In what was a great event congratulations must go to all the teams who participated. It showcased the enthusiasm and skill of our students and teachers in friendly competition. This event began in 2002 and has been supported by many over the years. Well done to all and beware- the teachers might be looking for some new signings for next year!